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Mission Statement

KulturDeltaMensch forges bridges, integrates and opens up new opportunities and perspectives wherever there is a delta between cultures or even between wish and reality in the life of a person.

Intercultural Teams: Here, cultures meet like rivers and form a delta, like estuaries at sea, where the different characteristics, skills and cultural backgrounds converge to form a sea of opportunities.

Where the world of work is concerned, the differences between various cultures make their presence felt in the areas of communication, style of working, thinking habits, trust building, hierarchies, or decision making.

Differences enrich, but they can also keep people apart. Once people are aware of the differences and are able to shed their anxiety about and mistrust of these differences, they will be able to overcome them, and even cherish them.

I want to encourage intercultural teams to become aware of their uniqueness, and also discover their heterogeneity as an opportunity for synergies, and tap for a trust based and efficient cooperation between cultures.

! Let's Grow Together !