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In the wake of globalization, people with the most varied of cultural backgrounds work in international companies,  while firms with international operations or even international degrees at universities are becoming increasingly frequent and growing closer together.

For a successful and efficient intercultural cooperation it is crucial that people should communicate effectively, understand each other and their reactions, tolerate each other and interpret correctly, meaning, avoid the pitfalls of prejudice and stereotyping and approach each other with mutual esteem.

Mutual respect and esteem in intercultural work relationships also helps in recognizing conflicts well in time, and in finding constructive and enduring solutions to them, as well as reduce the incidence of conflict situations on the whole.

To facilitate such efficient and smooth cooperation and promote it, I offer trainings, workshops, coaching sessions and project accompaniment, always tailored to suit your individual needs. Through these, the possible synergies become apparent and allow you to use them to a high degree.

I train and provide consultancy to teams and individuals working or living in an international environment.

Your gain: Information, sensitization and training for management and staff: Relevant information about the concepts, thought patterns and habits of the cultures involved. The extension of the field of action and the behavioral spectrum of the persons involved, pragmatic approaches to solution and hand-holding through the trial in practice of what has been learned.

According to a study conducted by Siemens in 2001, the additional costs entailed by frictional losses in project teams of an international composition amount to about 20 to 25% of the respective project costs. Besides, experience shows that such projects often have to contend with losses in terms of time, and are even called of at times.

Intercultural project accompaniment / preparations can help save on 10 to 15 % of these costs, but it can also help in tapping synergies which will enhance the project benefits or optimize the project results.

I will be supporting you and your teams through:

Intercultural Workshops

Kick Off Workshops

Project Accompaniment 

Preparation for overseas assignments

Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural Mediation

Sensitization Workshops ( For a quick start when time is of an essence…)

I  mainly focus on India, Southeast Asia,the USA, Switzerland, and German speaking countries.

! Let's Grow Together !