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Intercultural Management

Make efficient use of all the synergies in international teams

We are by your side – with intercultural management, consulting,  and trainings.

Portfolio of KulturDeltaMensch (see why we choose this name: Mission Statement):

  • Efficient Intercultural Management / International Cooperations
  • Working internationally: Relevant differences in working styles
  • Leadership: Be a successful leader in international settings
  • Expatriates: Working abroad efficiently and successfully
  • Culture Shock: Prevent, detect, and overcome them
  • Conflicts: Minimize tensions, identify and solve intercultural conflicts
  • Teams: Teambuilding, teamcoaching, projects from kick-off to success

As my customer you will be the focus of my attention; my solutions will be tailored individually to suit your requirements and needs.

My work is aligned with the systemic school of thought, where the human being is seen holistically, and as embedded in the complex interactions of his working environment or system of life.

Please feel free to mail or call me for further questions: I will be glad to provide non-binding information about contents, competencies, prices and my consulting approach: Schultheiss@KulturDeltaMensch.de , Telefone: +49-30-31 32 444 or Mobile: +49-151-58 11 23 88

! Let's Grow Together !